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All about Scented candle Perle de bacalar gold

In the magnificent seven-colour lagoon, where time seems to have frozen when the pirates invaded, hides an exquisite treasure. A sweet feminine pearl with ivory white petals. The captivating scent of Mexican tuberose will transport you to an enchanting place where only lapping turquoise water and birdsong can be heard.100% plant-based, natural wax that does not produce any black smoke (185 g)Fragrance hot-poured into the candle. It is fully ‘mixed’ with all of the wax, not just placed on the surface, to provide an even diffusion of the scent as it burns (at least 40 hours)

Decorative object

Scented candle Perle de bacalar gold

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Do not bleach Do not bleach
Do not tumble dry Do not tumble dry
Machine wash forbiden Machine wash forbiden
No iron No iron
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Vegetable wax 90%; Mineral wax 10% (Base) Glass 100%

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