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Reserving an item in a boutique via the online boutique

You have the option to reserve an item in the "Madura" tm boutique of your choice via your online boutique at www.madura.fr.

The reservation involves several steps:

-          the site will suggest the boutiques closest to the customer's home which have the product in stock. The customer chooses a boutique from the list,

-          the customer fills their reservation cart,

-          the customer receives an email from their chosen boutique acknowledging receipt of the reservation.

-          the customer then receives a text message and email from the boutique confirming the reservation and indicating the availability of the reserved products, as well as the deadline for item collection at the boutique.

The sale is deemed complete when the customer receives an email from the boutique confirming the availability of the item.

Unless proven otherwise, the DECOLICIOUS company and its contractors' digital registers, stored in secure conditions, constitute proof of the totality of transactions with the customer. In accordance with regulations, the DECOLICIOUS company archives reservation requests in a reliable format.

The customer can gain access to these by contacting our customer relations centre. In all cases, we recommend that the client keep the email and/or text message confirming their reservation for future reference.

Products can only be reserved in "Madura" tm shops located in metropolitan France and displayed on the e-reservation service list. Opening hours are available on the site as a guide.

The boutique commits to registering the customer's reservation request carried out online within the indicated time frame during the reservation process, and according to the boutique's opening times and days (excluding sales periods, bank holidays and Sundays).

This registration will be the object of a partial or total reservation confirmation email and/or text message from the boutique, subject to product availability.

The response time indicated for the reservation request is intended as a guide only and is in no way binding.

As such, the customer acknowledges that this deadline may not be met (in addition to previous circumstances), in particular in the case of a problem with the customer's reservation preventing its registration by the boutique.

As soon as the confirmation email or text message sent by the boutique is received, the product will be reserved for the period of time indicated in the confirmation text message and/or email, at the customer's chosen boutique. The deadline (date and time) for collecting reserved items is also stipulated in the email and/or text message.

The customer can then collect products from the boutique selected at the time of reservation, within the shop's opening hours. In order to collect the product, the customer must at minimum identify themselves by their full name or reservation email/text message.

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